Custom Electro-Mechanical Assemblies: How to Choose a Contract Manufacturer

Custom electro-mechanical assemblies combine electronic and mechanical components in a single package. They include full system assemblies called box builds, and subsystem assemblies with board-level interconnects and chassis wiring. There are many different types of custom electro-mechanical assemblies, but some common examples include fan, DIN rail, switch, LED, and power panel assemblies. For engineers and [...]

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Fan Assemblies for Food and Beverage Applications

Fan assemblies for food and beverage applications are used with refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, ovens, kegerators, coffee makers, and espresso machines. These electro-mechanical assemblies are also used in vending machines that heat food items or cool beverages. By moving hot air away from a high-temperature region, fan assemblies help to protect components that could be [...]

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Three Reasons to Choose Electro-Mechanical Assembly from SHINE

Electro-mechanical assembly isn’t just about installing components within a chassis, case, or housing. It’s not just about connecting wires and cables either. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) want electro-mechanical assembly services that add value. For design assistance, component sourcing, and skilled electro mechanical assembly from prototyping to production, these OEMs choose SHINE Wire. Design Assistance Design [...]

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