Lead wire assembly from SHINE is fast, accurate, and fully-automated

Lead wire assembly from SHINE is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. The high-performance, fully-automatic wire processing technology that we use also provides greater consistency than hand crimping or semi-automatic operations.

Lead Wire Assembly Capabilities

SHINE’s lead wire assembly capabilities include:

  • Cut lengths from 2 inches to 324 feet
  • Wire gauges from 12 AWG to 26 AWG
  • Single end crimps or double end crimps
  • Open barrels and closed barrels
  • Insulated terminals and non-insulated terminals
  • Quick setups and changes
  • Crimp force monitoring for quality crimps

Automated Lead Making Equipment

SHINE uses the Schaefer Megomat UNO Lead Maker for automated lead assembly. This six-station wire processing system features air-glide press bases for full access during setup. The machine’s open architecture also supports a wide range of high-quality processing tools.

SHINE’s automated lead assembly equipment is capable of high-speed single-ended and double-ended cutting, wire stripping, and termination of leads on most typical wires and wire AWGs. The Schaefer Megomat UNO Lead Maker also supports crimp quality validation.

Advantages of Automated Crimp Processing

Unlike hand tools or benchtop equipment, fully-automated wire crimping equipment incorporates wire cutting and wire stripping. First, automated crimp centers process the wire from its source in a reel or barrel. Next, the wire is cut and stripped. Finally, the terminal is crimped.

Automated crimp processing equipment supports higher volumes than either hand tools or benchtop crimping. SHINE’s use of the fully-automatic Schaefer Megomat UNO Lead Maker also provides greater consistency than either manual or semi-automatic operations.

Get Answers to Lead Wire Assembly Questions

Do you have questions about lead wire assembly from SHINE? Did you know that SHINE’s services also include custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, and electro-mechanical assembly?

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Do you need custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, or electro-mechanical assembly services? Are you looking for engineering support, too? SHINE is ready to help.

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lead wire assembly quality

lead wire assembly quality

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