Crimp force monitor testing promotes quality and reliability

Crimp force monitor testing from SHINE detects variations in crimp quality. These stations serve as process monitors and detect any variations along the crimp force signature curve that are outside of the programmed tolerances.

How Crimp Force Monitors Work

At SHINE, highly-trained operators program crimp force monitors so that they can differentiate good crimps from bad crimps. This process involves creating multiple wire crimps and then establishing baseline data. Subsequent crimps are then compared to good crimps in terms of variables such as crimp force and crimp height

Crimp Force Monitor Testing

In addition to force and height, crimp force monitor testing is used to identify problems such as:

  • Incorrect strip lenghts
  • Missing strands
  • Inconsistent terminal materials
  • Insulation in the wire crimp
  • Wrong wire cross-sections and insertion depths

If problems are detected, operators can take corrective actions.

Correcting Crimp Variations

Like wire crimping itself, crimp testing services requires skill and accuracy. With wire crimping services, the proper combination of wire, terminal, and seal is critical. With crimp testing, operators must account for “headroom”, the difference in the peak force that’s required to crimp a terminal with or without wire.

Crimp Force Monitor Equipment

SHINE uses crimp force monitoring equipment for applications that require lead wire assembly. In addition to supporting crimp quality validation, our Schaefer Megomat UNO machine is capable of various processing operations. For mechanical testing, SHINE uses the Alphatron PT-100A and Alphatron PT-150B to verify the tensile strength of wire-to-terminal crimps.

Crimp Force Monitoring from SHINE

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crimp force monitor

crimp force monitor

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