Custom Cable Assembly

Custom cable assembly from SHINE meets all of your requirements

Custom cable assembly from SHINE isn’t just a service. It’s how to get the custom cable assemblies that you really need. By manufacturing solutions that meet all of your requirements, SHINE doesn’t just deliver a product. We extend your product life cycle.

Advantages of Custom Cable Assembly

custom cable assemblyCustom cable assemblies are more than a collection of wires or cables that transmit electrical power or communication signals. They support the performance of complex systems such as automobiles, airplanes, ships, military hardware, medical devices, and computers. Learn how a cable assembly from SHINE adds value to your application.

Quality and Installation

Custom cable assembly helps standardize your installation process while reducing cycle times. Instead of looking for loose wires and cables, installers can readily grasp a cable assembly and make connections to the circuit. This reduces installation times while making it possible for every installer to follow the same procedure.

Cost Savings and Manufacturability

A custom cable assembly from SHINE doesn’t just help to improve quality and speed installation. Our custom cable assemblies are cost-effective and promote the manufacturability of your end-product. So whether you need high flex cables, a coaxial cable assembly, or other cable assemblies, SHINE can provide a cost savings that strengthens your project.

Custom Cable Assembly Capabilities

SHINE’s custom cable assembly capabilities include:

  • Flat cable (all center lines)
  • Wire
  • Coaxial
  • Telco Cables
  • Computer
  • Potted
  • Shielded
  • Modified Cordsets
  • Special Applications
  • Multi-Conductor
  • High-Density

Custom Cable Assembly Experience

SHINE’s custom cable assembly experience includes these examples from the Portfolio section of our website.

Custom Cable Assembly Certifications and Registrations

SHINE is committed to quality and maintains these certifications and registrations.

In addition, our cable assembly technicians are trained and certified in wire crimping technology, soldering, and blueprint reading.

All Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers Aren’t the Same

Do you need cable assembly design assistance? Are you looking for a partner with a well-established quality management system? SHINE’s engineering support and commitment to quality aren’t all that make us different. Our annual investments in equipment and training strengthen the reliable, cost-effective, and flexible services we provide.

Did you know that SHINE’s capabilities, experience, and expertise also includes wire harnessing services and electro-mechanical assembly? Whether you’re ready for a quote or have a question about your specific application, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact us at our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts for more information.


Do you need custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, or electro-mechanical assembly services? Are you looking for engineering support, too? SHINE is ready to help.

“During our recent spike in business the SHINE team really came through for us with in short notice. Pass along my gratitude to the entire staff.”

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custom cable assembly quality

custom cable assembly quality

custom cable assembly quality

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