SHINE Makes Prototype Cable Assemblies

SHINE is ready to manufacture your prototype cable assemblies. We use automated tooling, employ a highly-trained workforce, and are committed to quality. Learn more about our capabilities.

What are Prototype Cable Assemblies?

Prototype cable assemblies allow engineers to test their cable assembly designs before specifying a final product. In this way, designers can simulate the performance of electronic systems under application conditions. Installers and testers can also acquire information that helps optimize the final design. SHINE provides high-quality engineering support services, and can deliver your cable assembly prototypes with speed and accuracy.

Types of Prototype Cable Assemblies

SHINE’s capabilities include these products.

Applications for Cable Assembly Prototypes

SHINE manufactures cable assembly prototypes for the following applications:

  • Clean Technology
  • Medical
  • Computers
  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Test and Instrumentation
  • Homeland Security
  • Satcom (Satellite Communications)
  • Marine

Because we work closely with your technical team, SHINE can make suggestions that support cost savings and design for manufacturability (DFM). In this way, your final cable assembly design will meet all of your application requirements prior to production.

Prototype Cable Assembly Services

At SHINE’s manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, skilled personnel use state-of-the-art equipment to produce prototype cable assemblies to the highest quality standards. In addition to custom cable assembly services, we offers design assistance and component sourcing. We also support product quality and ease-of-installation.

Choose Cable Assembly Prototypes from SHINE

SHINE is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer specializing in custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, and electro-mechanical assembly. Since 1984, we’ve been providing partners with wire and cable products that exceed their expectations. How can we help you?

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Do you need custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, or electro-mechanical assembly services? Are you looking for engineering support, too? SHINE is ready to help.

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