SHINE Provides Lead Wires and Hook Up Wires

SHINE provides lead wire like you see at the top of the page. Here at our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, we employ a highly-trained workforce, use state-of-the-art equipment, and are committed to your satisfaction.

What Are Lead Wires?

A lead wire forms an electrical connection between two electronic components. Typically, these wires consist of a copper conductor that’s surrounded by electrical insulation. Often, bare copper wires are stranded and then tinned. This facilitates wire stripping without re-twisting.

Lead Wires and Hook Up Wires

Lead wire includes hook up wires for low voltage, low current applications. Hook up wires have a single insulated conductor and are used mainly in electronic equipment. Types of hook up wire include irradiated lead wire, MIL-SPEC lead wire, and PTFE lead wire.

PTFE coated hook up wire is designed for demanding conditions. Other lead wire insulation materials include EPDM, PVC, silicone, neoprene and Hypalon. For lead wire assemblies, SHINE sources reliable wire and cable products that meet UL, CSA, MIL-SPEC, and other standards.

Lead Wire Assembly Capabilities

In addition to quick setups and changes, SHINE’s lead wire assembly capabilities include:

  • Cut lengths from 2 inches to 324 feet
  • Wire gauges from 10 AWG to 26 AWG
  • Single end crimps or double end crimps
  • Crimp force monitoring for quality crimps
  • Open barrels and closed barrels
  • Insulated terminals and non-insulated terminals

Applications for Lead Wires and Hook Up Wires

Lead wire and hook up wire is used in cars, control panels, ovens, appliances, motors, generators, computers, printers, medical devices, and electronic components. Standards for these and other applications include UL 1007/1569, UL 1015, and UL 1061. Lead wire for medical electronics and military applications is also available.

Choose Lead Wire and Hook Up Wire from SHINE

SHINE is an ISO 9001:2015-certified electronic contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Since 1984, we’ve been providing partners with wire and cable products that exceed their expectations. How can we help you?

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