Custom electro-mechanical assemblies combine electronic and mechanical components in a single package. They include full system assemblies called box builds, and subsystem assemblies with board-level interconnects and chassis wiring. There are many different types of custom electro-mechanical assemblies, but some common examples include fan, DIN rail, switch, LED, and power panel assemblies.

For engineers and product designers, choosing the right contract manufacturer for a custom electro-mechanical assembly is critical. Whether you need a partial build or a full box build, you want a partner with the right capabilities. A demonstrated commitment to quality is important, too.

Contract Manufacturer Capabilities

Manufacturers of custom electro-mechanical assemblies vary in terms of capabilities. Companies may perform all of the work in-house, or use subcontractors for specific tasks. Third-party manufacturers may be able to meet your price points and technical requirements, but adding another link to the supply chain can complicate communications.

Typically, there are four main areas to consider in terms of capabilities:

  • Design Assistance
  • Component Sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Production

Engineering support adds value to your projects. A contract manufacturer that can recommend changes in part designs, components, and materials can save you money. Alternate parts sourcing, BOM scrubs, and RoHS compliant component reviews can reduce risk. To get the custom electro-mechanical assemblies that you need then, don’t overlook the value of design assistance and component sourcing.

Prototyping and production capabilities are essential. If you want prototypes with quick turn-around times, you’ll need a contract manufacturer with strong supplier relationships. To support production requirements, you may need a manufacturing partner that can manage your part inventories and store finished goods.

Custom Electro-Mechanical Assemblies and Quality

Manufacturing quality isn’t just about a system, process, standard, or certification. Quality is about understanding your requirements and meeting your needs. When choosing a manufacturer of custom electro-mechanical assemblies, ask about inspections and the use of certified soldering and crimping. Machine maintenance and equipment calibration can help to ensure the quality of your products, too.

SHINE is a quality-driven ISO 9001:2008 company that specializes in custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, and electro-mechanical assembly. We’re ANAB accredited and meet IPC/WHMA, UL and CSA, and RoHS standards, too. The engineering support that we provide adds value to your custom electro-mechanical assemblies. Our capabilities include prototyping and inventory management, too.

To learn more about custom electro-mechanical assemblies from SHINE, contact us at our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts (USA).