Electro-mechanical assembly isn’t just about installing components within a chassis, case, or housing. It’s not just about connecting wires and cables either. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) want electro-mechanical assembly services that add value. For design assistance, component sourcing, and skilled electro mechanical assembly from prototyping to production, these OEMs choose SHINE Wire.

Design Assistance

Design assistance from SHINE means getting the help you need with design for manufacturability (DFM) challenges. If you’re upgrading or re-designing an existing electro mechanical assembly, SHINE can help you to improve product performance and reduce manufacturing costs. By modifying an existing design so that it’s easier to manufacture, you’ll also keep your competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

SHINE provides design assistance for new fan assemblies and blowers, too. By reviewing your drawings or specifications, we can identify ways to improve DFM. SHINE also specializes in electro-mechanical assemblies with power panels, DIN rails, and LEDs. We can even help you to review and improve the design for an electronic enclosure, chassis, or switch assembly.

Component Sourcing

SHINE isn’t just an electro-mechanical assembler. We’re a supply chain partner with proven experience in component sourcing and inventory management. That’s why during vendor selection, OEMs ask us about our capabilities in areas such as kitting. With our knowledge of component sourcing, we can identify cost-effective substitutions, too. SHINE can also manage your part inventories and store finishing goods.

Skilled Manufacturing

Electro mechanical assembly from SHINE means the right people, the right tooling and equipment, and the right production processes. At our state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, skilled electro-mechanical assemblers apply their training and years of experience. From prototyping to production, the SHINE team meets both your deadlines and your quality requirements.

Learn More About Electro Mechanical Assembly

Design assistance, component sourcing, and skilled manufacturing are just some of the reasons that OEMs electro-mechanical assembly from SHINE.  To learn more about us and how we can help you, please contact SHINE.