Fan assemblies for food and beverage applications are used with refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, ovens, kegerators, coffee makers, and espresso machines. These electro-mechanical assemblies are also used in vending machines that heat food items or cool beverages. By moving hot air away from a high-temperature region, fan assemblies help to protect components that could be damaged by high heat.

Fan assemblies consist of an electric motor, a fan, and components such metal fasteners, wires, cables, and connectors. Air is pulled towards the center of the fan assembly, and then exhausted across the entire surface area. Product specifications and materials of construction vary, but these electro-mechanical assemblies may require design assistance and help with component sourcing.

Fan Assemblies and Engineering Support

Typically, product designers specify fan assemblies that are large enough to accommodate uncertainties in system design, fouling effects, or future capacity increases. This tendency to “over-specify” may cause performance-related problems, however. For example, an oversized fan assembly can cause inefficient fan operation, excess airflow noise, reduced reliability, and vibrations.

Problems with fan assemblies can also result from improper component selection, installation, or maintenance. Belt-driven fans can be problematic because as belts wear, they lose tension and power transmission efficiency. Whenever fan assemblies for food and beverage applications work inefficiently, other components may fail prematurely.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services

Engineering support is important, but designers also want a manufacturing partner with application expertise. For example, refrigerators include multiple fan assemblies. The evaporator fan assembly includes a fan that runs constantly – even if the compressor and condenser fan are off. If this fan assembly is undersized, there may be inadequate airflow over the evaporator coils, which affects refrigeration.

In addition to application knowledge, designers want a contract manufacturer with technical expertise. This includes experience in electro-mechanical assembly and a knowledge of fan assembly safety standards that pertain to the food and beverage industry. The ideal supply chain partner can also keep your fan assembly components in stock, and then use them to meet your demand.

Find Fan Assemblies for Food and Beverage Applications

SHINE is an experienced provider of fan assemblies for food and beverage applications. As a value-added contract manufacturer, we offer engineering support such as design assistance and can help you with component sourcing. At our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, we combine expert electro-mechanical assembly services with support for your inventory management and procurement programs. To request a quote or for more information, please contact SHINE.