Cable assemblies that meet UL standards help manufacturers to reduce risk and liability across the entire supply chain. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an American safety consulting and certification company, evaluates more than 70 different categories of wire and cable products. UL publishes many standards, but this article examines two that designers of industrial cable assemblies may need to know about.

UL 2237 and Industrial Machinery

UL 2237 covers multi-point interconnection power cable assemblies for industry machinery. The current version of this standard (No. 4) was issued in April 2015 and developed in accordance with NFPA 79, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. Devices covered under this standard are generally designed for indoor use and include various cable fittings.

Power cable assemblies covered under UL 2237 are rated 600 V or less. For cable assembly designers, there’s important information about insulating materials, live parts, grounding, terminals, strain relief and cord entries, and spacings. This UL standard also outlines tests for insulation resistance, conductor secureness, cable pull-out, resistance to corrosion, and accelerated aging.

UL 2238 and Industrial Control

UL 2238 covers cable assemblies that are designed to interconnect industrial equipment, sensors, and actuators in signaling, remote control, and power-limited circuits. The current version of this standard (No. 2) was issued in May 2011 and includes various fittings, splitters, and feed-through connectors. UL 2238 supplements many other UL standards, including UL 817 for cordsets and power supply cords.

Like UL 2237, the UL 2238 standard includes chapters about construction, performance, manufacturing and production testing, ratings, and markings. Coverage of the high-current arc resistance to ignition test is relatively detailed, and encompasses test for strength of insulation, grounding, crushing, impact, accelerating aging, and low temperature conditions.

Ask SHINE bout UL Standards for Industrial Cable Assemblies

At SHINE, adherence to UL standards represents an important part of our commitment to quality. Our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts has a UL recognized registration (#E111307) and we supply a variety of custom cable assemblies for industrial applications. Examples include wired controls for tools, machinery, and equipment.

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