Wire harnessing projects join together wire and cables to simplify their installation in machinery, equipment, vehicles, and consumer products – just to name a few applications. Traditionally, these wires and cables were cut, stripped, and terminated by hand. Manual processes can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, however, and wire harness manufacturers passed along the costs to customers.

Investments in automation can also be expensive, but wire harnessing services that use automated equipment can reduce costs and share the savings. The advantages of automation also include faster production speeds and shorter lead times, both of which benefit wire harness customers. By using automated equipment for routine tasks, wire harnessing services can also maximize their human talent.

Wire Harnessing and Technical Skill

At SHINE’s manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, we don’t just use automated equipment to perform routine wire cutting, striping, and termination tasks. We invest in our skilled workforce and deploy our resources to where they can add the most value to your projects. For example, by building your wire harnesses on custom-made harness boards, we can help you realize complex designs.

Wire harness boards are also known as pin boards and assembly boards, but these work benches are really full-size layouts of your wiring harness. Depending on the specifications defined during your design process, SHINE’s manufacturing assemblers can fit wiring harness with tubes, sleeves, or ties. Our technical team can also offer design assistance help you with component selection.

Wire Harnessing and Automation

For routine wire processing tasks, SHINE uses automated equipment made by Schleuinger, a leading manufacturer of high-precision machinery. SHINE’s suite of wire and processing equipment includes:

  • Schleuniger PS-9500 wire and cable cut-and-strip machine with interfaced pre-feed, wire straightener, coiler, and tying.
  • Schleuniger PS-9400 wire and cable cut-and-strip machine with pre-feed and wire straightener.
  • Schleuniger CS-9050 wire cut-and-strip machine.
  • Schlueniger Uni-Strip 2100 and 2015 (multiple units) for semi-automatic, micrometer-adjustable cable conductor stripping during assembly.
  • Schlueniger Uni-Strip 2300 programmable, touch panel equipment that’s ideal for precise, semi-automatic cable conductor stripping during assembly.

Wire Harnessing Projects from SHINE

Would you like to learn more about how SHINE combines technical skill with automated assembly to manufacture the wire harnesses that you really need? To request a quote or for more information, please contact SHINE.