Cable assembly prototypes allow engineers to test their designs before specifying a final version for manufacturing. In some cases, a cable assembly may undergo multiple revisions so that engineers can address concerns about cost, quality, compliance, and performance. Depending upon the project, engineers may need rapid prototyping, too.  For installers and testers, cable assembly prototypes can provide a way to gain valuable “hands-on” experience with a product.

By partnering with SHINE, an experienced electronic contract manufacturer, cable assembly design engineers can save time and money with their cable assembly prototypes. In addition to design assistance, SHINE offers component sourcing and the type of technical support that only trained personnel can provide. For cable assembly prototypes that add value to projects, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) choose SHINE.

Value-Added Engineering Support

SHINE’s engineering support capabilities include more than just the interpretation and analysis of part drawings and product specifications. Our skilled personnel can make cost-saving recommendations for changes in part designs, components, and materials. Through alternate parts research and expert sourcing, we can help you to control costs while meeting all of your business and technical requirements. Instead of working with multiple vendors, you can increase efficiency with one-stop sourcing.

As part of the engineering support that SHNE provides, we can make recommendations about the best choices for splices, mounting hardware, connectors, insulation, looms, heat-shrink tubing, and cable ties. To optimize your cable assembly prototypes, SHINE applies its expertise in design for manufacturability (DFM), too. Our technical team can help with routing, and can help you to determine the type of wire and cables that you need to support your application.

Types of Cable Assembly Prototypes

SHINE is ready to manufacture your prototype cable assemblies and address your concerns about cost, quality, compliance (e.g., IPC 620, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals) as well as performance. We use automated tooling, employ a highly-trained workforce and are committed to quality. At our manufacturing facility in Adams, Massachusetts, we can produce cable assembly prototypes like these.

Choose Cable Assembly Prototypes from SHINE

SHINE is an ISO 9001:2008-certified electronic contract manufacturer specializing in custom cable assembly, wire harnessing, and electro-mechanical assembly services. Since 1984, we’ve been providing our partners with wire and cable products that exceed their expectations. How can we help you? To learn how to get the cable assembly prototypes that you really need, contact SHINE.