Is the supply chain for electronic assemblies changing? In a recent article at SupplyChainDive, author Edwin Lopez argues that supply chains are in flux. Retail economists can blame Amazon, but industrial companies are choosing to re-invent their supply chains by making capital-intensive investments in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Are you ready for what’s coming next?

Understanding the Amazon Effect

B2B and B2C businesses have some significant differences, but manufacturers who need electronic assemblies aren’t immune from the Amazon effect. Thanks to the success of the on-line giant, consumers and industrial buyers alike expect to find whatever they need. Consumers and buyers also demand deliveries that are fast, efficient, and always on-time.

Products need to deliver on their promises, too. Goods that arrive damaged don’t just disappoint. They can disrupt households and factories alike. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods seems promising, but it’s decision to halt grocery deliveries in some cities and states was surprising. In parts of the Northeast, customers even complained about lost shipments of food items.

No Rotten Eggs

Did Amazon experience the effects of a supply chain that was overextended? Are you ever concerned that you might not be able to get the electronic assemblies that you need?  Custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies aren’t like milk, bread, and eggs. They won’t spoil after a few days, but products that don’t meet your requirements can cost you time and money.

To meet demand and avoid disruptions, some manufacturers are moving closer to their customers. Others are opening satellite offices or warehouses in strategic locations. Truly, this isn’t a new practice. Before there was an Amazon effect, suppliers flocked to Bentonville, Arkansas to be closer to Wal-Mart headquarters. Manufacturers even setup shop in a place called Vendorville.

Strengthen Your Supply Chains

Are you searching for a supplier of electronic assemblies that’s responsive, reliable, and quality-driven? Do you need on-time deliveries of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies? Some vendors will promise you the lowest price but would skimp on quality and service even if they were located right next door.

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