Is Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer Wired for Your Success?

Electronic contract manufacturers differ widely in terms of capabilities. If you’re in the market for a maker of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, or electro-mechanical assemblies, you need a manufacturing partner with more than just the right tooling and equipment. You want an electronic contract manufacturer that’s more like a member of your engineering and [...]

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Three Reasons to Choose Electro-Mechanical Assembly from SHINE

Electro-mechanical assembly isn’t just about installing components within a chassis, case, or housing. It’s not just about connecting wires and cables either. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) want electro-mechanical assembly services that add value. For design assistance, component sourcing, and skilled electro mechanical assembly from prototyping to production, these OEMs choose SHINE Wire. Design Assistance Design [...]

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Lead Wires and Custom Cable Assembly

Lead wires form an electrical connection between two electronic/electrical contacts. Applications include automobiles, controls panels, appliances, motors, generators, printers, switchgear, and medical devices – just to name a few. For product designers, lead wire selection begins by understanding all of your application requirements. Yet designers also need lead wire assembly services that are fast, accurate, [...]

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Wire Crimping and Custom Cable Assembly

Digital systems, wireless networks, high-end video, and medical devices (to name a few) all require reliable connections. If a connector is installed improperly, a significant portion of the signal may be lost. Soldering is an effective termination method, but it’s also labor-intensive. The tooling that’s used in soldering is simple, but technicians must be careful [...]

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Four Benefits of Outsourced Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies don’t just transmit electrical power or communications signals. They support the performance of complex systems in consumer, industrial, medical, military, and many other applications. For vehicle and equipment manufacturers, deciding whether to make cable assemblies in-house or to outsource production is an important business decision. Some companies fear that outsourcing will result in [...]

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Understanding IPC/WHMA-A-620 Revision B

Industry standards support the development, implementation, and use of many different technologies. As published documents, they define the specifications and procedures that engineers need to know. Industry standards also matter greatly to sourcing managers. To select the right vendor, it’s important to pick a partner who can manufacture products according to these requirements. In the [...]

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LED Assemblies from SHINE

SHINE is now offering LED flexible light strip assemblies. We can customize the length to your specification and terminate the assembly with the connectors you require. We offer these assemblies in both waterproof and non waterproof, single and multi-color. Adhesive backing for easy installation. A reliable product for marine, medical, architectural, automotive and industrial. Contact [...]

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Harsh Environment Cable Assembly

Old school meets new with this harsh environment cable from SHINE. Here is a custom cable assembly we helped design with a customer who needed a robust construction as well as flexibility. The design incorporates an industry standard DB9 connector to a multi pin high density "Push-Pull" connector. The metal back shells coupled with a reliable [...]

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Reliable Cable Assembly Solutions

Here's another example of reliable cable assembly solutions from SHINE. When SHINE was redesigning its wire prep/stripping department, we partnered with Schleuniger and added the state of the art 2300 UniStrip machines. The UniStrip 2300 programmable stripping machine strips wires ranging in size from 0.03 – 6 mm² (32 – 10 AWG) and jacketed cables up [...]

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