Hurricane Season: Business Continuity and Risk-Based Thinking

How will Hurricanes Harvey and Irma affect your supply chain? Some companies may not be able to get the products or services that they need. Others may pay higher prices, or be unable to manufacture at all. Companies that have business continuity plans (BCPs) aren’t immune to the effects of natural or man-made disasters, but [...]

Risk-Based Thinking for Manufacturing Supply Chains

SHINE uses risk-based thinking to ensure that externally-provided processes, products, and services do not adversely affect our ability to meet requirements for custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies. To identify and mitigate supply chain risk, we use a quality management system (QMS) that establishes external controls in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. For SHINE’s [...]

ISO 9001:2015: Risk-Based Thinking vs. Preventive Action

ISO 9001:2015 uses the phrase “risk-based approach” instead of “preventive action”. For organizations that want to comply with this ISO standard, does taking a “risk-based approach” require something more than using new terminology? What does risk-based thinking mean anyway? Just as importantly, what do a supplier’s attempts to adopt risk-based thinking mean for you? What [...]

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ISO 9001:2015 and Risk-Based Thinking

ISO standards are reviewed every five years and revised as necessary. That’s a good things for most manufacturers, because the challenges we face today are different than from few years ago. For example, globalization has changed the way that many electronic contract manufacturers do business. Increased expectations from customers and third-parties also present challenges for [...]

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