How to Choose Cable Conductors for Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies need cables with metallic conductors that can effectively carry an electrical load throughout a product’s lifetime. If you choose the wrong type of conductor, corrosion or oxidation may occur. Cable conductors made of the wrong materials can also break or otherwise fail in the field. That’s why it’s important to select a [...]

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How to Choose Heavy Duty Connectors for Cable Assemblies

Do you need heavy duty connectors (HDCs) for harsh industrial applications? Maybe you need HDCs that can withstand high humidity, high temperatures, or electromagnetic interference (EMI). Maybe you need heavy duty connectors that withstand water, saltwater, particles, vibration, or impact instead. As explains, cable assembly designers have some key questions to ask and answer. [...]

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Five Connector and Cable Assembly Considerations

Do you need to design electronic products that are lighter, smaller, and more robust? In a recent article, described connector and cable assembly considerations for medical devices and equipment. These products need to meet especially challenging requirements, but the following considerations apply to other industries as well. Safety Durability Special materials Form, fit and [...]

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Lead Wires and Custom Cable Assembly

Lead wires form an electrical connection between two electronic/electrical contacts. Applications include automobiles, controls panels, appliances, motors, generators, printers, switchgear, and medical devices – just to name a few. For product designers, lead wire selection begins by understanding all of your application requirements. Yet designers also need lead wire assembly services that are fast, accurate, [...]

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Wire Crimping and Custom Cable Assembly

Digital systems, wireless networks, high-end video, and medical devices (to name a few) all require reliable connections. If a connector is installed improperly, a significant portion of the signal may be lost. Soldering is an effective termination method, but it’s also labor-intensive. The tooling that’s used in soldering is simple, but technicians must be careful [...]

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