Wire Pull Testing Measures Key Mechanical Attributes

Wire pull testing measures wire bond strength, evaluates bond strength distribution, and determines compliance with specific wire bond strength requirements. Unlike other testing services, wire pull testing is about tensile strength – the resistance of a material to breaking under tension.

How Does Wire Pull Testing Work?

During a wire pull test, a wire is pulled upward by a hook until there’s either a bond failure of the wire breaks. Most pull tests on wire bonds are performed where the hook is perpendicular to the substrate. To obtain reproducible measurements, hook alignment is very important. SHINE performs pull testing with skill and precision for reliable results.

Thin Wire Pull Tests vs. Thick Wire Pull Tests

Wire pull testing is the most basic type of wire bond test, but testing procedures can vary based on thickness. Typically, wires up to 3 mil in diameter are classified as thin. Wires with larger diameters are described as thick. SHINE can perform pull testing with thin wire or thin wire accordingly to your project requirements.

Destructive vs. Non-Destructive Wire Testing

Wire pull testing can be destructive or non-destructive. Destructive wire pull tests are used for process setups. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used for the in-line testing of high-reliability packaging applications.

Pull Force Testers

SHINE uses the following types of pull test equipment:

  • Alphatron PT-100A Digital Pull Force Tester for verifying tensile strength of wire to terminal crimps or solders.
  • Alphatron PT-150B Digital Pull Force Tester for verifying tensile strength of wire to terminal crimps or solders.
  • Various typical measuring equipment such as calipers, micrometers, crimp height comparators, drill blanks, etc.

Pull Test Services from SHINE

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