Off-the-Shelf and Custom Medical Grade Cordsets 

SHINE supplies off-the-shelf and custom-manufactured medical grade cordsets and hospital grade cordsets. At our manufacturing center in Adams, Massachusetts, we also offer engineering support to strengthen your custom cordset designs. SHINE employs a highly trained workforce, uses state-of-the-art equipment, and is committed to quality.

What are Medical Grade Cordsets?

Medical grade cordsets from SHINE meet medical equipment requirements for plug styles that conform with recognized safety standards. They feature flexible power cords and molded PVC connectors. Like other kinds of cordsets, hospital grade cordsets provide temporary electrical connections and have a male connector at one end a female connector at the other end.

With medical grade cordsets, the male end is a molded PVC plug with prongs or blades that attach to an electrical outlet or socket. The female end is a molded electrical receptacle into which prongs or blades are inserted. Medical or hospital cordsets are easy-to-connect, but have a grounded connection that’s extremely reliable to protect medical patients and staff.

What Makes Them Hospital Grade Cordsets?

The plug diameter on a hospital grade cordset must conform to NEMA WD-6 and UL 817 standards. The blades must be made of solid brass instead of folded brass; typically, they’re nickel-plated. Importantly, the plug in a hospital grade cordset must include an internal strain relief mechanism to prevent any stress to the internal connections.

SHINE supplies hospital grade cordsets that meet UL and CSA requirements, and that are green dot certified. The green dot indicates that the cordsets have been designed and tested to UL 817 and CAN/CSA 22.2 no 21 as hospital-grade products. Sections of UL 60601-1 require patient care equipment to use hospital-grade plugs.

Off-the-Shelf Hospital Grade Cordsets

SHINE supplies the following types of hospital grade cordsets

  • Hospital grade straight
  • Hospital grade straight to ROJ
  • Hospital power IEC320-C13 right angle
  • Hospital right angle NEMA 5-15P
  • Hospital grade right angle 5-15P to ROJ
  • Hospital right angle 5-15P and IEC320-C13

Choose Medical Grade Cordsets from SHINE

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