Hipot Testing from SHINE supports electrical safety.

Hipot testing from SHINE detects the absence of current flow between two points. With wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies, this type of testing service is used to verify the correct operation of safety circuits. SHINE uses hipot testing equipment made by Associated Research and Fluke Corporation, including handheld and benchtop devices.

What is Hipot Testing?

Hipot or high potential (high voltage) tests determine the adequacy of electrical insulation in a wire harness or custom cable assembly. Known also a dielectric withstand test, a hipot test is the opposite of a continuity test. Whereas continuity tests verify the flow of electricity from one point to another, hipot tests verify that no current will flow.

Hipot Testing Applications

SHINE uses hipot testing to detect these and other issues:

  • Crushed or nicked insulation
  • Stray wire strands or braided shielding
  • Conductive or corrosive contaminants around conductors
  • Terminal spacing issues
  • Cables that are out-of-tolerance
  • Enlarged solder footprints
  • Inadequate creepage and clearance distances.

AC Voltage vs. DC Voltage

A form of non-destructive testing (NDT), hipot tests can use either AC or DC voltage. One of the main advantages of a using a DC test voltage is that the leakage current trip can be set to a much lower value. This allows DC hipot testers to identify products that have been passed by AC hipot testers.

Hipot Testing Equipment

SHINE also uses equipment made by Associated Research and Fluke Corporation for electrical and electronic testing and measurement. The Hypot PLUS II Model 5560DT from Associated Research features a programmable AC/DC Hipot tester. Fluke 37 digital multi-meters along with various other models measure electric current, voltage, and resistance.

Hipot Testing from SHINE

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