We provide global solutions on lightning protection for wind turbine blades. Our multi-strike WXGuard lightning diverter exceeds the LPL1 level test in IEC 61400-24. Our diverters will remain on the blade protecting your investment.

  • Designed to protect wind turbine blades from lightning strikes
  • Tested to IEC 61400-24 LPL1
  • A Multi-Strike diverter
  • Reliable adhesion properties
  • Will survive in the harshest environments

WXGuard is the new generation of segmented lightning diverters, featuring excellent RF transparency, increased survivability against rain erosion, and stronger adhesion properties than traditional diverters. Our diverters are protecting radomes around the world.

  • Increased survivability against rain erosion
  • Excellent RF transparency
  • Multi-Strike diverter
  • Patented aerospace laminate
  • A working diverter is a protecting diverter

Welcome Message

Welcome to Shine Wire. We are a world class specialty manufacturer of cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies and wire harnesses. From our headquarters and manufacturing center in Adams, MA we serve many diverse markets around the globe with our high-quality wire products and assemblies.


Equipment Investments

Shine Wire continues to invest in automated machinery to increase and optimize cable processing for maximum efficiency. The machines we use have precise graphical presentation of the actual cable and parameters (WYSIWYG) helping to eliminate input and production errors. Additional features such as offline programming, importing/ exporting text data, operation tools (end strip, window strip, mark, etc.) round off this powerful cable processing machine. Looking for a cost effective cable assembly source? CALL SHINE


What's Happening

New NPI center added. Rapid Response

Jan 22, 2016

SHINE has recently made improvements to its manufacturing floor with the addition of new equipment and modular cellular manufacturing work stations. In addition to this, SHINE has created a new department that will focus on NPI, documented work instructions and rapid response prototypes per the customer’s specification. “This new space was created specifically to focus on […]

SHINE to sponsor Dash and Splash 5K

Aug 20, 2015

SHINE will be sponsoring the Berkshire Health Systems 5K dash and splash. The event will take place on August 29th at Pittsfield High School. The race will begin at 9:00am. This community event will raise funds to help educate the youth of Berkshire County on heroin and substance abuse.

SHINE Welcomes GBMP as LEAN/Continuous Improvment partners

Jul 31, 2015

SHINE is pleased to announce a partnership with the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP). SHINE and GBMP will work together on LEAN and Continuous Improvement programs. GBMP’s goal is to” educate, empower and energize the people. Working at eliminating the seven forms of waste from your processes”.